PSNI start ‘high visibility’ operations

police car

POLICE in C District have launched a series of high visibility policing operations in the run up to Christmas which are focused on keeping people safe.

Residents in Ards, Castlereagh, Down and North Down will see an increased police presence throughout their area as the PSNI endeavour to create a safer environment and deter and detect criminals who seek to exploit the festive season for their own selfish gain.

Superintendent Sean Wright, operations manager for the district, explained, “At this time of year, more people are out and about and we want to do everything we can to ensure that they are kept safe on the roads, when they’re socialising and when they are in their homes.

“We are running a number of high visibility policing operations focusing on the issues which have been identified as priorities in your local policing plans - such as reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads, reducing the number of burglaries and dealing with the issues of domestic violence, antisocial behaviour and drugs.

“Local residents can be reassured that, while you are enjoying the Christmas season, we will have additional officers on patrol in your areas, working hard to keep everyone safe as well as preventing and detecting crime.”

Despite the financial challenges facing police, local officers remain committed to delivering a high standard of service across the district.

Superintendent Wright explained, “In October and November alone, local police made 515 arrests across the district. Officers carried out a total of 159 searches, 69 of which were in relation to drugs. Despite the current economic climate, officers are continuing to ensure our communities can be safe places for everyone.”

Superintendent Wright said the number of people who continue to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs was of great concern.

“Of those arrested in October and November, 60 were in relation to driving whilst unfit or with excess alcohol which is worrying,” he said.

“Ten people have lost their lives on the roads in this district this year to date and whilst the vast majority of right thinking people realise that speeding and other offences such as drink driving are unacceptable, there is still an irresponsible minority who ignore all advice and warnings. Police officers in C District will do all that we can to detect those people and bring them to justice.

“We will continue to enforce the law to make local roads safer, but our role is very much secondary. It is imperative that all road users take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.”


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