Saturday, 11th January 2014

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Council leaves market out in cold

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  • Move the market to a Sunday, at Asda or (better still) at the seafront and then you'll have half a chance of people wanting and - more importantly - being able to go, then you've got half a chance...

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  • Perhaps we are getting a sneak peak at the real agenda here?

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  • " The customers who do attend on a regular basis are from the older generation [and there is] fierce competition from local supermarkets."
    This observation applies to every market town in the United Kingdom, however, most councils recognize that markets play a role in the life of a community.
    Perhaps Bangor council should open their eyes and see further than a car park where once a thriving community and a Wednesday market lived happily side by side, a history going back 100years! I am sure the council could do much more to promote their market and hold events there if they truly valued it.

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