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Why Choose Us?

Areas of growth

The boroughs of North Down and Ards have seen their populations double in the past 30 years, and numbers now exceed 160,000. There is low overall unemployment and an exceptional workforce, with over twice the province’s average of graduates in the population.

According to the most recent NI Family Expenditure Survey, the population of North Down expenditure is almost twice that of the Northern Ireland average.

For advertisers, that means increased opportunities to grow sales.

A Successful Medium

We are ABC certified which means you can rely on up-to-date independently verified circulation figures. This guarantees your communication with a precisely defined target group.

Helping You Reach Your Target Audience

If you are in the advertising business, or a company that needs to increase awareness or inform, influence and persuade, and if your target market is primarily in the North Down, Ards and Greater Belfast areas and aged between 15-54 (72%) then the Spectator and Chronicle Newspapers should be a significant part of your marketing plan for the year ahead.

Consumers´ ChoiceV, a national consumer survey by TNS Media, looks at lifestyle, buying behaviour and the role of media when making purchasing decisions. It concludes that life is lived locally and that people prefer to shop close to home. This can be seen across consumer sectors.

  • 57% of adults do their grocery shopping within 2 miles of home
  • 52% of adults travel under 5 miles to buy furniture and carpets
  • On average, people travel 7 miles to buy white electrical goods
  • 59% of brown goods shopping is done within 5 miles of home

What´s More...

Recently the Spectator and Chronicle group commissioned an independent research company to provide statistics on their audience. The results were as follows:

  • 32% are ABC1; 68% are C2DE
  • 59% spend more than 30 minutes reading the Spectator (compared to 12% on freesheets)
  • 72% of readers keep the the Spectator for more than 5 days (compared to 25% for freesheets)



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