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Arts festival opens its doors

Published: August-01-2014 | Category: Entertainment

THE COUNTDOWN to a month-long festival of arts and culture is over as Open House opened its doors on Friday. ...

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Health team wins care award


THE Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in Northern Ireland has recognised a Bangor GP practice for going above and beyond the call of duty in his care of patients. ...

Mayor Martin on mission to hunt down wartime’s enigma mystery machine


MAYOR Peter Martin's on a quest to find a legendary wartime mystery machine – and help eradicate racism in the process. ...

They stink it’s all over ...


DELAYS in the £3.5m project, which is intended to end the stink emanating from Holywood's controversial shorefront sewage treatment plant at the Kinnegar, has a local MLA crying foul. ...

Holidays in Spain - it’s a snip for hairdressers


OH this year we're off to sunny Spain - and we don't have to worry about what it COSTAS! ...

Beauty treatment grant may improve town’s eye-line


UGLY old eyesores in Holywood are now more likely than ever to be given a facelift with the help of some shapely figures - £90,000 to be precise. ...

Recruitment event provides jobs and work experience


THE Department for Employment and Learning's Employer Engagement Branch recently organised a successful recruitment and work placement event which took place in the Marine Court hotel, Bangor. ...

Movin Targets get into gear for cystic fibrosis charity ride


    OVER 60 scooters got into gear for Bangor's Movin Targets annual charity ride earlier this month. ...

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