Saturday, 25th October 2014


Fireworks spectacular

Published: October-25-2014 | Category: General News

THIS year's Seapark Fireworks Festival on Saturday October 25, is set to be the best yet featuring a fun-fair, a food fair, live music and a spectacular fireworks display finale to finish the event in style. ...

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Hot chef Ivor to be a major mover and shaker in charity cocktail competition


CHARITY conscious chef Ivor Dempster is preparing to join colleagues from some of Ulster's top hotels and restaurants at a glitzy fundraiser which is guaranteed to leave them shaken but not stirr...

Save our Shops


Traders blockade town hall in protest at public realm delays ...

Oil spill pollutes beauty spot


A MYSTERY oil spill has polluted a Bangor beauty spot – from a mile away. ...

Pensioner’s car burned out in arson attack


AN ELDERLY Bangor pensioner has been left without transport to visit his ill wife, after his car was burned out in a suspected arson attack. ...

Take a bird walk on the wildside in Balloo Wood


JOIN local bird expert Aidan Crean to find out more about the autumn birdlife of Balloo Woodland on a leisurely stroll around the nature reserve on Saturday, October 25, at 11am. ...

Police make arrests after searches


DETECTIVES investigating an aggravated burglary in the Rathgill Crescent area of Bangor on Friday, October 10, during which a 41-year-old male was assaulted, conducted a series of searches and ar...

New project to help tidy up


RATHGILL Solutions provides a quality cost effective service for people in the Bangor area to help them maintain their garden and homes. ...

Public Realm Watch

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440k is an absolutely huge amount of money to invest in a minority sport. I know the council need to...
“I am disappointed that the DUP leader Peter Robinson has declared his support for Paster James McCo...


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