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Betty marks centenary with afternoon tea

Published: September-22-2014 | Category: General News

BETTY Callender celebrated a 100th birthday at her home in Dorothy Avenue, Bangor, with afternoon tea in the company of family, friends and carers. ...

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Bangor pilot injured in Florida air crash


A BANGOR man has been seriously injured after the plane he was flying crashed into a public park in Florida. ...

Supercouncil to spend £15k on coat of arms


A LOCAL politician has taken up arms against a supercouncil plan to spend almost £15,000 on a new coat. ...

Police hunt farm arsonists


MOVES are afoot to smoke out the dead-of-night arsonists who are now being linked to up to 30 malicious fires across scenic rural idyll Craigantlet - in the past six months. ...

The ‘hottest property in Irish art’


THIS is the Bangor man who is being hailed as 'the hottest property in Irish contemporary art'. ...

Mayor’s ‘Close’ encounter is a massive box office hit


IT was the fight of the century on Saturday and in true fairytale fashion the local boy won the day after a Titanic struggle - not in Belfast"s Titanic Quarter but on Queen's Parade in Bangor. ...

Travels with my duck


A BUNCH of Bangor students biking 1,000 miles across Vietnam? ...

‘Hope 4 Ellsa’ charity match raises £1,500


A CHARITY football match has helped raise some of the vital funds needed to send Bangor's little 19 week old Ellsa Alexander-Adams for specialised medical treatment in Boston. ...

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440k is an absolutely huge amount of money to invest in a minority sport. I know the council need to...
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